Social Justice and The Gospel

Social justice is something that we as an American church seem to pay no attention to.  Jesus clearly calls us as Christians to reach out to the oppressed, but we have so quickly made the gospel so much about us that we miss Jesus’ heart for the oppressed.  Our whole experience at church and with our Christian faith is so focused on us and our relationship before God and personal salvation that we miss the call of Jesus to do things for the “least of these.”  I was reminded once again of the fact that I so often make my Christianity about me yesterday when our college ministry watched a documentary on the Invisible Children of Africa.  This was a sad and heartbreaking film following the stories of 2 young boys in the midst of a village that daily faces death by either starvation, preventable disease, or the war that is ravaging the country.  The two boys followed in the story, Daniel and Sunday, had both lost their parents and were living life surviving on their own.  They both had hopes, dreams, and aspirations of who they desired to become, but they are living with odds stacked against even their very survival.  This film broke my heart and has challenged me further that the gospel does not stop at my personal profession of faith but should go on to impact not just the people around me but the children made in the image of God around the world that need the church’s help.