Prayer for the Nations in the Church

This morning, I went to the second week of our Tuesday morning prayer times at the Church at Brook Hills.  As a congregation under the leadership of Dr. David Platt, we have adopted a mission of global evangelism.  Everything that we seek to do as a church is intended to bring glory to God and to lead the nations of the world to worship God.  Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at despiration and seeking after God both personally and as a congregation.  This morning was a step further in this direction.  It was such a blessing to gather together with others in seeking God both to increase a passion for Him in us personally but also to spur us on to display His holiness and great glory to the nations.  As Dr. Platt so often says, our prayer is “God, give us the nations in a way that only you can get the glory!”  I am excited to see what God can do in and through a congregation of people who will seek his face and glory in order to reach those who do not know the name of Jesus!  My prayer is that God would open each one of our eyes to see what He desires to do in the nations through His bride – the church.  I want to be a part in what God is doing for His glory and fame alone!