Culture and the Church: The Evolution of Modern Methods- Part 5: Online Churches

The multi-campus church model for has grown to add an additional online campus.  This is a very interesting and cutting-edge concept in church ministry.  This online campus is a concept where services are offered and streamed online at particular times.  The online church includes a chat-room system so that people who attend can converse with each other.  The website also includes a prayer area where one person can pray for another via some form of direct chat.  This is a very interesting concept., as far as I know, is the only church currently using this model.

Pros: The online church campus makes church readily accessible to people from all parts of the globe.  This could become a great platform for outreach and ministry in closed countries.  This also makes church something that is easier for attendees than attending a traditional church service.  Craig Groschel, the pastor of, is a passionate and very effective communicator of the Word of God.

Cons: I think that it would be hard to establish biblical community and connectivity through chat rooms.  From my experiences with chatting and instant message programs, the communication seems real informal and disconnected.  I think that building community would be hard.  I also think that it would be hard to engage in worship through watching a video online.  I know that I would feel distant and disconnected from what was going on at the service that was being streamed across my computer screen.