Culture and the Church: Thought Shapers- Part 1: Dr. David Platt (Global Mission Focused Church)


Dr. David Platt is the senior pastor at the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama which is my home church.  Dr. Platt has really refocused and redirected what it means for his church to be the church.  He has a focus on global evangelism that is like nothing that I have ever seen before.  His desire has been to bring the church from a self-focused church in the heart of the Bible-belt to a church that desires to live out a Christianity which impacts not only the people in Birmingham but people in all nations.  Dr. Platt has a heart for those who do not know Jesus Christ that is contagious.  He is seeking to make the church a group of people who are focused on reaching all nations for the glory of God.  The prayer that he frequently prays that very well sums up the mission that he seeks to instill in his church is: “God give us the nations in a way that only You can get the glory.”  The mission of global evangelism is not only preached about but lived out in Dr. Platt’s life through his trips to the Middle East and trips to Asia teaching the gospel to house church leaders.  Dr. Platt also makes knowing the Bible a focus for the church.  He has launched a 6 hour Bible study which happens twice a year called Secret Church in which he teaches studies similar to what a person would take in a seminary (How to Study the Bible, Survey of the Old Testament, Survey of the New Testament, etc.).  Dr. Platt is redefining what it means to be the church in that he is seeking to make the church focused on the great commission of “making disciples of all nations.”