Who Are We Preaching To?

A good friend and mentor of mine made a statement several months ago that is just now beginning to sink in. He was talking about the concept of preaching to himself every day. This seemed at first a very odd to me. I always tend to think of the gospel as the message of God’s grace to people who have never heard that messahe before. It is really neat to me that the Holy Spirit will just bring random conversations like the one that this statement came out of to your mind. After thinking about it for several months, I think that I am finally beginning to see the relevancy of this statement in my walk with Christ. Preaching the gospel daily to myself acomplishes two key things. The first thing that it accomplishes is putting me and my role in proper perspective. When I look at the grace of God given to me on the cross, I am reminded of my sin. I see my past and current sins which are the driving force behind the hammer of the soldier that put nails into the palms of my Savior. This is a very humbling thought. When I somehow get in this Americanized mindset of performance and think that I can somehow do something to serve God, the gospel reminds me again of my ultimate failure. Once gaining perspective on my self image, I can then move onto the second thing which is driving me to worship. When I am daily reminding myself of the great price paid for me on the cross, the only reasonable response that I can give is a lifestyle surrendered in worship. I guess that my friend had it right after all. This daily habit of preaching the gospel not only to an unsaved world but to myself accomplishes great things in my walk with Christ. So the question remains, who are we preaching to?