Culture and the Church: Thought Shapers- Part 5: Erwin McManus (Reaching Out to Artists)


Erwin McManus is the pastor of Mosaic in Los Angeles, California.  He has written several books including his newest release Soul Cravingswhich paints a picture of how each of our desires as human beings (such as our desires for love, purpose, and meaning) can be fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ.  Erwin considers himself to be a “futurist, activist, artist, and spiritual and cultural leader” according to his website.  God has led Erwin to form a very interesting an unusual ministry in Mosaic.  It is a church, or as Erwin would call it a “spiritual community,” which meets in schools and bars for its weekly gathering.  This is a church that is very different than what you would expect in that it is intended to reach out to people who are artists, musicians, and others who have a desire to be creative.  Mosaic has grown to become a place where creativity and spirituality have become wed together.  Erwin encourages his people to seek after God and to express the beauty and creativeness of God through their different forms of creative expression.  Mosaic has formed a Christian community seeking to glorify God in the midst of an area of the world with a tremendous cultural influence.  God is using Erwin and Mosaic to draw many creative people to Him.  One thing that I really respect about Erwin is that he lives his life looking for tangible ways to show the love of Christ to others.  This is seen through the many personal stories that he tells in his messages from the opportunities that God has given him to touch someone tangibly with His love.  The love of Christ and practical expressions of His grace through the lives of people seeking Him is a powerful way for people to be drawn to Jesus in the midst of a world that thinks that they want nothing to do with Christianity.