Culture and the Church: Thought Shapers- Part 6: Mark Driscoll (Teaching Theology and Emphasis on Cultural Outreach)


Mark Driscoll is the pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington.  Mark has been recently brought to my attention through a podcast recommendation from a friend.  He has written several books, is a frequent contributor on the Resurgence blog, and communicates biblical truth in a very media driven and modern way.  Mark has caused some controversy in Christian circles not for his theology but rather for the way that he communicates and the words that he uses.  He is clearly not afraid of using shock value to make a point in a sermon.  One thing that Mars Hill Church is doing that is definitely worth taking note is that they offer a school of lay theology in which they train church members on doctrine, the church in culture, and worldviews.  This is a great asset and addition to the church.  One of the sessions from this program that I listened to focused on the church in culture and gave practical ideas on how to share the gospel to people with a postmodern mindset.  Another program highlighted some practical ways to use movies and themes from movies as a way to present the gospel to people.  Mars Hill is changing the way people do church by providing some places for deeper study in order to equip its people to minister to those around them.