Trusted with His Glory

I was listening to a preaching podcast the other day, and there was this question that the speaker raised that has been on my mind and heart ever since I heard it.  He was talking about the person that God will use.  He said that God uses people that He can trust with His glory.  So the question is “Am I a person that God could trust with His glory?” This question hinges on several things.  First off, the issue of giving God the glory for everything that He does in and through you.  It is a temptation for anyone in ministry to take the credit for God’s work.  This comes under the aspect of humility where my self-worth is based.  Is my self-worth based in my relationship with Jesus and the fact that I am loved by Him or do I have to perform to prove my worth by making myself look good by what God has done through me?  If my self-worth is based in my relationship with Jesus, I will not be interested in stealing glory from God.  Secondly, I think that part of this is will we use the opportunities that He has given us to do every part of it with excellence as an offering of worship to Him.  I think that it is really easy to half-way do ministry to get by and not doing the best you can and seeking to persue excellence.  This is the problem with many things that are considered Christian.  It is done in a manner that does not include the investment of time, energy, and prayer that an offering of worship to God should.  Thirdly, I think that someone must be a vessel that can most clearly reflect God’s glory.  This gets back to personal purity and holiness.  Everyone who has attempted to do this knows that this is something that only the Holy Spirit can do.  We cannot perform “good” without the Holy Spirit working in us.  Even the “good” deeds that we do will be wrongly motivated when we attempt to perform on our own.  My prayer is that God would make me into a person that He can trust with His glory.