Culture and the Church: Thought Shapers- Part 11: Chris Seay (Community Ministry Hub)


Chris Seay is the pastor of Ecclesia in Houston. Texas.  Chris’s church is in the middle of an art’s district in downtown Houston.  The thing that is so different about Ecclesia’s ministry philosophy is that they do not have a church building but rather a community center.  The church being a community center means that they seek to host as many community activities that they can to get people to come to be ministered to.  The church members are then intentional to come to different events at the community center to show the love of Christ to the people who come.   The church then meets on Sundays at the community center.  This is a very neat ministry model in that people have already come to the community center and have found it to be a friendly and comfortable environment.  They are then invited back to another event, church, where they can meet more people who care about them and be introduced to Jesus Christ.  This is a great picture of the church not going to church but rather being the church and reaching out to a community that is hurting.