Culture and the Church: Thought Shapers- Part 12: Craig Gross (Loving the Broken)


Craig Gross is known as the “Porn Pastor” and is one of the founders of which is a ministry that reaches out to both people struggling with issues related to online pornography and people who are in the industry making pornography.  Craig’s ministry has been something that I have followed and watched grow and develop over the last several years.  In addition to running this ministry,  he is also the author of a book called The Gutter which talks about being intentional to minister to broken people.  The message of this book has become the defining goal of Criag’s life.  He goes into porn shows to set up a booth to pass out Bibles and to show the love of Jesus Christ to people in the porn industry.  Craig is willing to not join the group of protesters outside of the show who claim to be Christians while holding up signs letting people know that they are going to hell, but rather he goes inside in the midst of the people in the porn industry’s world in order to be a light to them and to show them the love of Jesus.  Craig’s ministry is willing to not judge people and tell them that they are horrible people who will burn in hell but to love on them and introduce them to Jesus who can mend their broken hearts and lives.  This is living out the gospel in the midst of a terribly sinful place.  Craig is willing to not just to preach to people but to love them with the love of Jesus.