Culture and the Church: New Ideologies: House Church Network

The Home (House) Church Network is a network of Christians who instead of gathering in traditional churches are gathering in their homes to seek after Jesus Christ and community together.  According to their website, home churches, also known as house churches, are “small groups of believers – even as few as 2 or 3 – who gather in the name of Jesus Christ. They are very similar to the earliest churches which were customarily designated in the Scriptures as household units.”  These are churches of people gathering to try to build the biblical community and picture of the early church that we see in Acts 2Open Link in New Window: 42-47. 

This home church community seeks to live out the gospel in all forms of life as the website describes: “the totality of life must be God-directed as we are motivated by gratitude for the life, death, and resurrection of His Son. The Home Church perspective is thus a unique world-view in which every follower of Jesus becomes a full-time Christian minister or servant. Every day, every event, every thought, every place become the domain of the Messiah. The line between sacred and secular progressively diminishes because Christ gives true meaning to all things.”

I think that it is great to promote living out a holistic gospel which effects all areas of our lives. The home church proponents then go on to describe the emphasises of these churches within their network: “We emphasize an actual faith rather than merely an intellectual one. The execution of deeds rather than the formulation of creeds. Community rather than disunity. Brotherhood rather than hierarchy. Winning unbelievers rather than winning arguments. What we are for rather than what we are against. Making a real difference for others as well as having an experience for ourselves.”

This is a group of people trying to live out biblical community without any formal training in the scriptures.  I really like the idea of the community and the incarnational gospel which this church movement is trying to live out, but I am once again concerned about the potential loss of focus on the gospel itself and the above statement about “The execution of deeds rather than the formulation of creeds” still makes me cringe.

What are your thoughts and experiences regarding the House Church Network?

  • Hey brother, So much to say. Wish you were here to hear you in person. My laptop battery is about dead… sigh A few random thoughts:

    There are a number of fine house church networks out there – more on the way, I hope.

    Church and things like getting the format right are not ends in themselves but means to know and express the riches of Jesus.

    All have creeds – spoken, written, or believed. The point is that we must move beyond analysis and mere words.

    One faith, one church, one baptism, bro. God spare us of more sectarianism.