What Does It Mean to Be the Church in Culture: Community

The third and final essential element for the church to impact the culture is community.  Community is what holds the church together.  It is people gathered together in order to chase after Jesus Christ and to hold each other accountable for personal holiness and being intentional to reach out to others. The early church is shown in Acts 2Open Link in New Window: 42-47 pursuing Jesus together in the context of community. 

Community is not just important in that it unites the church on mission and personal accountability, but it is also attractive to people who do not know Jesus.  A group of people that love each other and care for each other really stands out as different and attractive in our culture that is full of divisions.  This is something that people will be drawn to, and if our community is open and caring to people who are not part of the community, this makes them desire to be a part even more. 

A church that love and cares for others and pursues accountability will shine brightly to the culture around them.  My hope and prayer is that God would raise up churches focused on the gospel and proclaiming it in the context of mission through the encouragement and accountability of a biblical community!