Book Review: Dangerous Wonder- The Adventure of a Childlike Faith by Michael Yaconelli


I just finished reading Michael Yaconelli’s Dangerous Wonder.  It was an excellent book about rediscovering what it means to embrace risk and the unknown in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is a book about stepping out in faith to discover that Jesus Christ is big enough for all of our doubts and hold-ups and wants to embrace us and pull us into His arms.  Michael communicates clearly through stories and accounts of people truly encountering God that make the reader want to seek after more risk and depth in his or her relationship with Christ.  He points out that our busyness and schedules so often keep us from hearing God’s voice and spending time with Him.  He also points out how we can easily become so set on our religious rules, regulations, and theology that we make God a concept and rule maker.  Yaconelli goes on to explain that Jesus broke all the rules and social norms and lived a life of unpredictability that left His followers shocked.  This is the kind of Christianity that Michael says that we should seek to live out.  A lifestyle of radical trust living our lives on a roller coaster of faith chasing God’s desires.  This is an excellent book that will really help to refocus and renew your thoughts on your relationship with Jesus and daily pursuit of Him.