Journey to the Cross: The Day in the Tomb

As I continue to reflect on the cross and passion of Jesus Christ, I am trying to imagine what all of the people who were involved were thinking. 

I can imagine the religious leaders thinking that they had crushed this Jesus for good and that their problems were over, but yet in the back of their minds lurks the thought of “What if the things that Jesus had said regarding His resurrection were really true?”  Then they quickly tried to justify in their minds that Jesus was crazy and said a lot of crazy things so they shouldn’t let this get to them.  But just in case, they made sure that there were guards at the tomb.  These guards they told everyone were being put there to make sure that Jesus’s followers did not steal His body to make it look like He had risen in three days like He had said because how bad does it look for them to believe that this Jesus was more than the heretic that they had crucified. 

The disciples are really confused.  They have followed this Jesus around for about three years hearing Him talk about the kingdom of God which was to come.  “What kind of King and kingdom is this?’ they were all asking.  This Jesus who had been their mentor and dearest friend for these few years has been murdered by the religious leaders that He spoke out against.  The whole plan of the kingdom is not happening in a way that any of the disciples would have expected and desired.  Jesus is dead, and all they can do is wait and hold on to the promise that He said He would rise again in three days.

The stage is set, and everyone is waiting.  The religious leaders are claiming victory while praying that the victory will last.  The disciples are waiting and holding onto the promise of Jesus.  Today, we wait, but Sunday is on the way!