One Way to God?

I heard a very interesting insight yesterday in an Easter sermon by my pastor, Dr. David Platt, that I wanted to pass along.  He was talking about how people can get upset and consider Christians close-minded when we say that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven and not a way in a list of potential options.  The interesting insight that Dr. Platt noted was that even if there were 1,000 ways to get to God people would still be mad and want there to be 1,001 ways to get to God.  The issue here is not that Jesus is the only way.  The issue is, as Dr. Platt noted, an issue of autonomy.  It does not matter to people how many ways there are as long as that number can not be a set number, but rather it is a number to which one can be added so that the person’s individual way which they have chosen to get to God will be included in the list of acceptable ways to reach God.  This is very interesting.  The issue is that we as people in the midst of a highly individualistic society do not want to have to depend on anyone but ourselves.  We want to achieve success and popularity, and when we take a look at out spiritual lives, we want to achieve acceptability and salvation before God.  The gospel calls us to desperate dependence on Jesus Christ.  It is not the one way that bothers people as much as the desperate dependence that the one way implies.