Short-Term Missions: Becoming a Part of God’s Global Mission

So, I committed several months ago to go on a mission trip in 2008 to be able to take a small part in what God is doing in the nations.  I started out this year planning on going with the Escape Student Ministry group at Lakeside Baptist Church to Brazil.  This was going to be an awesome trip where I would get to minister globally alongside my brother.  I was all pumped and ready to attempt learn some Portuguese and jump on a plane to minister, but God had other plans. 

After checking into the scheduling aspects of work with regards to this early summer trip, I learned that I would not be able to go.  I totally understand the reasons behind this decision and can see God’s hand at work in this call.  God wanted me to wait on Him and His timing for something that would be something that would stretch me out of my comfort zone. 

So, I have been in a time of waiting over the last few months to see what doors God would open up.  It is hard to wait, but God remains faithful despite our waiting.

Today, God has opened up a really awesome door.  I am going to be able to go with a group from work to Lima, Peru for a few days the end of December into early January.  We are going to be serving and ministering at an orphanage outside of Lima.  I am really excited about the opportunity to go to a country that I have never been to and to show the love of Christ to orphans who have no one to love them.

I am really excited to see what God is going to do as He stretches me and allows me to play a very small part in His global mission.  Please be in prayer for me already as I prepare to go and show the love of Jesus Christ to the least of these.