Passion Atlanta Regional: Update 1

I just left the first session of the Passion Atlanta Regional.  Chris Tomlin and David Crowder led the session in worship and Louie Giglio preached.  Louie’s message really stuck me.  He talked about how we have be taught that Christianity is all about us.  It is about what we can get and how God can bless us and make our lives better.  Louie then goes on to talk about our short lives being a small flame that is to spread the glory of Jesus Christ and the gospel to the watching world.  The message ended with a story of a female student in Florida through the eyes of her journal with regard to her interactions with her “fruit cake” Christian roommate.  The journals go on to tell about how in the moment of a deep hurt in this girl’s life God used her roommate to share the gospel with her.  This was a very practical and real picture of how we as Christians should seek to live out the gospel to a watching world.  This also challenged me in that I am not intentional to share Jesus Christ with the people in my world who do not know Him.  I am challenged and encouraged to see what God is going to do in and through the rest of this weekend.