Passion Atlanta Regional: Update 2

I am getting a few quick minutes to blog before the second session of the Passion Atlanta Regional.  This morning Charlie Hall lead worship while Francis Chan spoke.  His message was about the power of the Holy Spirit.  He talked about how we have been taught bad theology about the Holy Spirit through our time in church.  This bad theology is that the Holy Spirit comes into your life upon accepting Christ as Savior and then has no further role in the life of a Christian.  Francis shared a story about how he had a conversation with some Jehovah’s Witnesses at his door about how they should look at the Bible for themselves and not live their lives and theology based off of what some person has said.  This was encouraging and challenging to me.  I think that it is very important that we go to scripture in search of truth and not just rely on others views.  Francis went on to discuss that we need to live our lives not through our own power but the power of the Holy Spirit that is at work in us.  This was very encouraging and yet challenging.  Francis went on to talk about the struggle in his own life with regards to his speaking abilities.  He said that he can speak a good message without the power of the Holy Spirit, yet the Holy Spirit cannot use that message to bring the effects that He would desire the message to have with a message being preached from Francis’s own strength.  This is a struggle that I have also and could really relate to.  He ended his sermon by talking about how God can and wants to use all of us in His global mission.  I am encouraged and challenged.  More updates to come.