North Point Community Church Environments: Overview

Last Sunday, I was in Atlanta for the Passion Conference and decided to stay over Saturday night and go to North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia where Andy Stanley is pastor.  While at North Point, I went on their tour of the ministry environments that they have from birth through high school.  I really enjoyed the trip and learned a lot from the tour so I figured that I would pass the information along over the next few days. 

I have had the opportunity to come in as a visitor to several large churches and of those churches North Point is for sure the largest.  I was really impressed with the general hospitality and friendliness of the volunteers.  I was quickly directed to guest parking and was greeted enthusiastically at the door.  The volunteers were very helpful and focused on making sure I had everything I needed. 

One neat and innovative thing that North Point seeks to do for first time visitors is that they have a form on their website where people can sign up and let the volunteer team know that they will be coming.  This then allows the church to be intentional about placing a volunteer with the visiting family to show them around the campus.  Visitors are also given reserved seats in the worship service which is a blessing considering North Point runs approximately 20,000 people through Sunday morning services on their three Atlanta campuses. 

This hospitality and service to people who are not members of the church or who do not know Jesus Christ and are just coming to check it out helps to form the foyer experience of the North Point ministry philosophy.  This allows people to feel comfortable in a new environment that they may be apprehensious about.  I was really impressed with the friendliness and welcoming spirit of the North Point volunteers to make sure people feel comfortable and are open to experience God and possibly coming back to church again!