Following an Upside-Down God

I have been reading a lot recently about the Kingdom theology that is embraced and highly promoted by Brian McLaren and our other brothers and sisters in Christ that see themselves as emergent.  I have been struggling with this theology about a view of Jesus based strongly out of His Sermon on the Mount where He sets up this mindset of an upside down world.  Jesus comes on the scene in Matthew 5Open Link in New Window with what most people today would call the Beatitudes.  He stands up in front of a crowd to make His first statements to these people who are trying to figure out who He is and what He is about and totally rips apart the cultural status quo of the listeners.  Jesus looks at the nobodies and says that they are the ones who are truly blessed.  This must totally shock the listeners as it shocks us today as modern readers of the text.  This is a God who is all about the nobodies.  I think that He is about the nobodies so much because the somebodies do not feel like they need Him.  He comes on this planet and makes the nobodies somebodies in Him.  He reaches out to those who no one else even acknowledges or sees any value in.  This is the upside-down God of scripture.  He is not a God of the pious and successful people who have it all together, but He desires to be the God of the helpless and hopeless and shine His glory in the darkness of their situation.  Following in light of this view, Brian McLaren goes on to present an ideology in order to answer the question that if this is what Jesus is about, how can we live this out in a practical way to the least of these in our world.  This is the heartbeat of a life lived not for my own desires, but it is a life lived in order to give a touch of love and a touch of grace to every person who we come into contact with.  It is a lifestyle of showing the priority of Jesus in loving those who have never felt love, listening to those who have never had a friend, and living a life where we not only receive grace from Jesus but we go on to give grace to others.