Proud Mac Owner

I have several friends who have recently had children and posted proud parent posts with pictures on their blogs.  Well since I am not married and the proud parent thing is a ways away, I figured I would make a proud purchaser post.  I finally broke down and bought a MacBook last night.  I had been wanting one ever since I started working at Student Life where I got to use one every day.  For some cool yet strange reason, Macs tend to have a cult-like following around the office.  Then my best friend, Josh, decided to go out and buy one which only increased my desire to get one.  Plus with all of the Awestruck Ministry websites going Mac, I felt like I needed to get into the game.  The thing that was holding me back was that I had a three year old HP laptop that had been my faithful friend for years.  It was “reliable,” and I had no legitimate reason to replace it.  But then Saturday, good “ole faithful HP” decided to have a black out.  So after a week of debating whether replacing the laptop entirely was a good decision, I decided to jump in and go for the much awaited and anticipated Mac.  So, I wanted to introduce you to my new addition.