North Point Community Church Environments: Waumba Land (Preschool)

One thing that really impressed me about all of North Point Community Church’s ministry environments is that each environment had several teaching points which would be driven home with the children and students over the course of their time within that environment.  The environment that I am going to start with is the birth to preschool ministry environment called Waumba Land.  The name comes from the Swahilian word “Waumba” which means creator.  So the environment name is “Land of the Creator.”  While in Waumba Land, the kids are focusing on the following teaching points:

  • God made me.
  • God loves me.
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever.
These are the three things that the North Point ministry team wants kids to walk away from this stage of their ministry knowing and owning.  These truths are taught through a time of worship, a Bible story, and small groups.  These experiences are also enhanced through many hands on activities.  I think that at the age level of this group of kids it is hard to communicate much beyond these basic truths.  It was very impressive to me to see a united teaching plan for all life stages at North Point.  This is a very interesting and strategic ministry philosophy which we will continue to look at over the next few days.