North Point Community Church Environments: Kid Stuf (Elementary Family Worship Service)

Kid Stuf is one of the most interesting children’s ministry concepts that I have ever seen.  It is a worship service for elementary children who have been through Up Street and their parents.  This is a high-energy, drama-driven service that seeks to entertain and connect to both children and parents.  Entertainment is part of the program, but it is not the only goal.  Kid Stuf was designed to make sure parents know what their kids are learning at church in order to discuss it with them when they get back home.  This allows parents to look for strategic teaching opportunities to connect what their children are learning at church with what goes on at home and in the children’s world.  Since Kid Stuf is an extension of the Up Street ministry environment, it does not have specific teaching points.  It does have some key priorities that I want to pass along:

  • Family Centered- establish a consistent shared experience for parents and kids
  • Kid Focused- target everyday issues in a kid’s life and world
  • Virtue Driven- emphasize a specific virtue to help kids develop faith and character
  • Creatively Wired- use innovative and creative tools to communicate a timeless message
  • User Friendly- create a predictable and non-threatening place for families to bring friends
  • Volunteer Fueled- develop a strategy to recruit and maintain volunteers
These are the priorities that help to make Kid Stuf a really effective strategic tool in teaching the truths that the North Point team desires to be communicated to children in Up Street.