North Point Community Church Environments: Xtreme and Inside Out (Middle School and High School Ministry)

North Point Community Church’s middle school ministry is called Xtreme while the high school ministry is called Inside Out.  Both of these ministries are very similar in teaching principles and formats.  The major difference is the level at which the lessons are taught.  The messages and lessons are intended to be specifically for the middle school or high school.  These ministries seek to communicate the following 7 Checkpoints (which come out of an Andy Stanley book by that name):

  1. Spiritual Disciplines- making your relationship with God and scripture an important part of your daily schedule
  2. Authentic Faith- learning to trust and depend on God
  3. Moral Boundaries- establishing limits on personal desires for the sake of your future potential
  4. Wise Choices- understanding how to make decisions which are based on God’s perspective
  5. Healthy Friendships- developing relationships which encourage positive lifestyle and spiritual growth
  6. Others First- establishing a personal vision to make a difference in the lives of others
  7. Ultimate Authority- choosing to respect and follow the leaders that God has put into your life
These are the seven checkpoints which are rotated through on a monthly cycle to drive these points home with the students.  The main Sunday program for the middle school and high school ministries consists of a time of worship, a short introduction to the topic for the morning, and then discussion groups.  The small groups serve as the major focal point of these ministries.  I was really impressed with the middle school group that I visited a few weeks ago.  It is neat for me as someone who ministers to students to see what North Point was doing in this area of ministry.