Redeeming Time: Free Time and the Kingdom

I have been out of school for over a week and have had more free time that I could ever imagine.  When you go from school and working part time to only working full time, your schedule opens up in ways you could never imagine.  Not having night classes is also very freeing.  So the question that I have come to face in light of this free time is what would the thing to do with my free time that would help to advance the kingdom of God and glorify Him the most?  This is something that I have been struggling with over the last week.  I think that it is entirely appropriate to have time to rest and relax in your schedule, but the issue is when you waste all of your time being lazy and doing nothing.  I have had the desire to spend a lot of my free time focusing on diving into God’s Word, but I have found myself really struggling with getting distracted with many other things and end up not having any time left to do what I had originally desired to do.  I feel like free time and idleness is a real tool that can be a temptation for believers.  When we waste all of our time watching TV or spending time online, we neglect what God would desire us to do with the short life He has given us.  We dismiss the mission of making disciples of all nations and our own personal spiritual lives in favor of temporary time wasters.  I am not saying that TV and the internet are bad things, but they are intended to be tools and resources for the Christian while seeking to complete the mission not the pursuit that should consume all of our limited resource of time.  I am praying that God would keep me from spiritual ADD and the miss use of my time.