Generations of Faithfulness

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to preach at Bethesda Methodist Church in a little small town outside of Pulaski, Tennessee.  This was a very interesting and neat experience for me in that this is one of the churches where my quadruple great-grandfather preached and ministered.  He was a Methodist circuit-riding preacher which would be similar to a pastor today traveling and taking care of multiple churches.  It was a very great experience to be the last Birdsong to preach at this church since he did.  

The service last weekend was a homecoming for the church who had not held weekly services, except homecomings, in a little over 50 years.  This homecoming was very encouraging to me and reminded me of what a blessing it is to have a family who has embraced Jesus Christ for generations.  It was neat to stand in the very spot where my many great grandfather stood and to open the same Word of God that he opened to encourage a people seeking to follow after God over a 100 years after His time and ministry on earth had ended.  

This not only brought up gratefulness about having a family seeking after Christ, but also the wonderful truth that the God and Savior whose grace and mercy were proclaimed in that old white church years and years ago is the same God that we worshiped last Sunday morning.  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Let us live lives in pursuit of Jesus Christ so generations to come can see and hear stories of how a faithful and gracious God worked in our lives and used us to proclaim His glory!