Reading with Discernment: LifeWay Expresses Concern Over Emergent Theology

If you are a person who frequents Christian bookstores like myself, you may have noticed a new sign beside some specific titles in LifeWay Christian Stores.  This new sign reads as follows:

“READ WITH DISCERNMENT. This book may contain thoughts, ideas, or concepts that could be considered inconsistent with historical evangelical theology. Therefore, we encourage you to read it with extra discernment. For important background information and additional insight related to this book, please review the Author Briefing and related content at

This sign encourages Christian readers to read with their eyes open and through the lens of discerning truth for themselves.  This is a very wise statement and should, in my opinion, be handed out to everyone who purchases any book besides the Word of God from a Christian bookstore.  

These signs were, however, not placed next to all the books in the store but rather were placed strategically next to books by authors who are considered part of the Emergent Church including Donald Miller, Rob Bell, and Brian McLaren.  This is very interesting considering the many other books that also twist theology and minimize the Gospel.  I am not Emergent and do not embrace the idea of reforming the message of the Gospel, but I do think that LifeWay is going in a good direction by warning people to not be blind sheep that fall into the pit of bad theology.