The Religion of the Mediator: A Commentary on American Christianity

I have been personally studying and focusing on being intentional to build spiritual disciplines into my life and schedule.  One of the books that I am reading on this topic is Richard Foster’s A Celebration of Discipline. Foster had a great statement on the chapter regarding meditation that I think is an accurate commentary on American Christianity.  He writes:

“The history of religion is the story of an almost desperate scramble to have a king, a mediator, a priest, a pastor, a go-between. In this way we do not need to go to God ourselves.  Such an approach saves us from the need to change, for to be in the presence of God is to change. We do not need to observe Western culture very closely to realize that we are captivated by the religion of the mediator.”

Foster is correct in suggesting that it is the tendency in the American church to rely on the pastor or spiritual leader as the mediator between God and the people of God.  This means that we have a bunch of Christians walking around waiting to be fed not by the power of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God but through the words of a pastor.  This is building a church that is full of spiritual infants who wait for the food of the Word on Sundays and then starve the rest of the week.  We need to be a group of Christians who seek God through His Word daily through spiritual disciplines.  God, make us a people desperate to seek You and to be changed by You!