Changing the World: The Story of a Student Who Is Speaking Out for the Least of These

Be the Change

I finally got a chance to read Zach Hunter’s book Be the Change: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World. This came highly recommended from a youth pastor friend of mine who was amazed by Zach Hunter after hearing him speak at a youth pastor conference.

There are several things that struck me throughout this book. First, the passion and the platform that God has blessed this student who is writing books about the unpopular topic of calling Christians to social justice and speaking all of the country at the age of 15. Secondly, I think that Zach communicates with a passion that is evident to students and calling them to a vision that God can use them where they are to impact the world for His glory.

Zach had a very interesting statement with regard to the question of preaching a “social gospel” and focusing on fulfilling the needs of others versus preaching the gospel to others. He said:

“Compassion is not some alternate gospel. Compassion is the overflow of the gospel – the Good News of Christ’s sacrifice. Compassion says that we have embraced the relationship with God through Christ. It’s not that we have to earn our salvation by doing good things, but compassion and service flow out of us because we are filled with God’s love. If we don’t take care of orphans and widows, if we don’t care for the poor and hurting, how can we say we belong to Jesus?”

This book is a call for students to embrace a holistic gospel that preaches the gospel and does not end with preaching but is followed up with action. Action to become the voice of the voiceless and to embrace the least of these in Jesus’ name.

This book was such an encouragement and a challenge to me personally to continue to embrace big dreams for God and His glory and to be willing to reach out to the least of these.