Reforming Evangelism Methods: Mark Driscoll and the Church’s Mission

I just finished two different books by Mark Driscoll with regard to reaching out to people and the role of the church in evangelism called The Radical Reformission and Confessions of a Reformission Rev.  These were very good and challenging books calling Christians to live out the gospel and be the church.  

There are two primary methods according to Driscoll that churches typically use for evangelism.  The first method is doing a service or an event at the church in order to draw people to church to meet Jesus Christ through a message by a pastor.  The second method is for the church to arm Christians with tracts and other religious materials in order to have them go up to random people in order to present the gospel to them.  Driscoll notes some concerns regarding both of these methods of evangelism and calls the church to a different way.

Driscoll’s third way is a missional and intentional form of evangelism.  This focuses on making the church a community where the Christians are prepared and empowered to live intentionally and share Jesus with people around them.  This way also focuses on allowing the church to be a community in which people who do not know Jesus can feel welcome and get to see Him living through the lives and service of the Christians in the context of the community of the church.  

This is a very interesting and challenging way to look at evangelism.  I think that Driscoll has a heart and passion for those who do not know Jesus and has been very intentional to build a church that is making a huge impact on their city.  I am encouraged and challenged by this idea and what God is doing in and through Driscoll’s ministry.