The Requirement of Difference

I was sitting in class yesterday, and the professor went off on a very interesting tangent that I think we as Christians must address.  My professor was sharing about the time that he was asked to speak for a Christian athletes event at a well-known Baptist college in town.  He came in and gave his presentation and then was invited by some students to stay after the meeting as they brought out a keg of beer.  This is a story that I have heard this professor share multiple times, but this time he added some additional commentary that was profound.  He said that he was shocked that Christian athletes were drinking.  He then went on to raise the point that since these are Christian athletes at a Christian school there should be something different about them than the athletes at a state school like the college I attend.  

This professor who, to my knowledge, has never claimed any religious identity at all knows that there should be something different about Christians.  There should be a defining mark in the lives of Christians with regard to what we participate in and do not participate in that should set us apart from the rest of the world.  This professor was watching for this mark of distinction and found none.  I think this is the reason this story keeps coming up.  People are watching so the question is are we representing Christ well in our actions, decisions, and lifestyles.