Biblical Principles for Dating Relationships: Introduction

I have had two very close friends come to me recently with some questions with regard to dating relationships.  These questions have focused around specifics such as boundaries in relationships to knowing whether or not the relationship that they are currently pursuing is God’s will and desire for their lives.  Both of these discussions led to a realization that the Bible is not a rule book of black and white rules for dating or a guidebook for how to date well while you wait.  Instead in scripture we see principles that are presented that help to guide our decisions in dating relationships.  So over the next week, I am going to post some of my thoughts and gatherings from my Biblical study on this topic.  This will consist of five principles for dating and some concluding questions for personal discussion and discussion for the couple pursuing a dating relationship. I pray that these are of help to you as you seek God together through the context of a dating relationship.  Please feel free to shoot me an email or comment your thoughts on these principles and how they may look practically in the context of a relationship.