Biblical Principles for Dating Relationships: Principle 3

Principle 3: Recognize that You Are Both Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ

If you are both Christ-followers, you have the connection of being friends and partners in the context of the relationship, but you also have a spiritual connection as brother and sister in Christ.  1 Thessalonians 4Open Link in New Window: 3-6 discusses avoiding sexual immorality and then makes this statement: “that in this matter (referring to sexual immorality and lust) no one should wrong his brother and take advantage of him” (NIV).  

This is a picture of one Christian taking advantage of another brother or sister in Christ in the realms of relationships, which would include dating.  This taking advantage of could be anything from leading the person on with the intent of breaking the relationship off to encouraging and pushing the other person further physically than they would naturally desire to go.

This idea of a spiritual connection does not just stop with the call not to take advantage of the other person, but it goes on to the opportunity to build each other up in the faith like Paul encouraged the churches to which he ministered (1 Thessalonians 5Open Link in New Window: 11 & Jude 1:20Open Link in New Window).   You have the same spiritual Father which should provide you with a common ground for spiritual conversation as you spur each other on toward Jesus Christ, your eternal prize.