Biblical Principles for Dating Relationships: Questions for Reflection

Concluding Questions for Reflection

  • Is our relationship built on and out of our personal pursuits of Jesus Christ?
  • Is their any eternal fruit coming from this relationship? 
  • What is our ultimate pursuit in life – Jesus Christ or someone or something else we are worshiping as our god?
  • Are we building up or tearing down the other person?
  • Are we deriving our value from our relationship with Jesus Christ not the other person or the relationship?
  • What does the picture of my body being a temple of the Holy Spirit do for boundaries in dating?
  • What “prostitutes” are we uniting ourselves to that we need to repent of?
  • Am I building my brother or sister up in Jesus Christ through my relationship?
  • Is holiness or “how far is to far” the focus of my relationship physically?
  • What desires lurk in the depths of my life that have the possibility of launching me into a cycle of sin?
  • What do I need to repent of to God for my views and actions in my relationships?
  • What do I need to repent of to the other person in the relationship for not being?
  • How can we establish a relationship following out of our relationships with Jesus Christ?