Stepping Out To Serve

This is a post that was originally written and posted in January 2007. 

This last weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to serve as a leader on the youth Winter Retreat trip at my church.  God really blew me away and taught me so much over the three days that I was on the trip.  We were blessed to have Matt Setliffe share with us.  We studied the bood of Acts and looked at what characteristics defined the early church and becoming missional and intentional in sharing the message of Jesus with others.  The highlight of the retreat for me seems really unusual at first.  One of my buddies who is an intern in student ministries was telling me that we were going to be washing each other’s feet.  This immediately struck me as not only odd but very awkward.  I began to think of all the foot fungi that I had learned about in my human physiology classes.  This ended up being something that was wonderful and very hard to describe.  I was thinking about when Christ took the job only a slave would do, washing another person’s feet, and turns around and does this for his disciples.  This showing of nothingness and humility that was shown in such a moving way came alive to me this weekend.  The time began by one of my mentors and good friends coming over and washing my feet.  As time went on I got the opportunity to show this depth of service to others including students that God has blessed me to be a part of their lives and even people who I had problems getting along with.  God took this time and act of humility to bring me to tears and yet encourage me so greatly at the same time.  It is amazing when we as Christians are willing to go out of our comfort zones in order to serve and encourage others.  This is an experience that I will not soon forget.  This time really made the depth of love and service that we should show to others truly come to life in a very vivid way.  Praise God for showing me what it is like to serve and to be served and to love and to be loved by others.