The Crutch

I was listening to Erwin Raphael McManus’ sermon from Mosaic, his church in California today.  He was talking about how people say the religion id a crutch for the weak.  He said that we as Christians frequently get offended when we hear this.  He went on to say that the reason for this was that we know that it is true.  This is something that I have been pondering all day.  I think that he is on to something.  Our relationship with God would not be a crutch so that we can better hobble along our way through life, but rather it would be a ride in the arms of Jesus as He carries us.  It is when we try to run our lives just relying on God when we feel that we are inadequate that leads to us busting head first.  We need to let Jesus lead in every aspect and let Him carry us and mold us into the perfect image of Jesus.  We need more than a crutch so that we can hobble our way through we need a Savior to daily carry us through each day!