Crashing Down

There is this song by Spur 58 that has been one of our main messages on the Awestruck Worship Nights this summer.  It talks about God taking down the things that we hold onto so that we can more fully embrace Him as the only thing that we need.  One of the lines says to “bring my castles to the ground.  I am shattered by the fall, but you are the King of me.”  This line has come alive in my world over the last few days.  This past week I found out that my dad will be getting laid off from his job that he has been with for many years.  This has been a hard time for me and us as a family.  What happens in your world when something that has been there for so long is not there anymore?  I have been struggling with stress and worry about all of this.  I know that God is there, and He not only knows the situation but is perfectly in control of everything.  That seems like at times that it is so easy to say and know in your head, but it is hard to embrace with your heart and life.  I am asking for prayer specifically about this situation, and seeking to try to live out this quote from an encouragement email that I received from an old friend: “Fear not.  All is well. Trust.”