Truth and Tolerance: Christian Belief and World Religions- Book Review

I just finished Truth and Tolerance by Pope Benedict XVI.  I was very impressed with the Pope’s knowledge of the fields of sociology, philosophy, politics, history, and theology.  He is able to take the current issue of tolerance being the standard for faith-based conversations and showing the logical fallacy in tolerance. This is the fallacy that intolerance of people who are not tolerant is in an of itself and expression of intolerance.  Pope Benedict also continually points to the problems with humanity being fulfilled in the gospel.  He also is able to argue the validity of Christianity through tracing the growth of the relationship of God to man starting with the call of Abraham and making his way all the way to modern Christianity.  With regard to the underlying desire for freedom that drives the philosophy of tolerance, Pope Benedict attributes this desire for freedom to the core sin nature of man and man’s desire to be god.  This is a very brilliant book arguing the underlying premise that freedom in any form without truth is not freedom at all.  This is a very academic and well-articulated book presenting the fallacy of tolerance and the necessity of the truth of the gospel.