Applications from the Law: Reflections from Leviticus (Introduction)

Introduction: The Book of Leviticus

Out of all of scripture, there is one book that will make even the most passionate student of scripture tremble.  That book is the book of Leviticus.  Those twenty-seven chapters of the law of Moses have been the grave yard for many well-intentioned programs to read through the entire Bible.  So, is this book meant to be nearly a test of spiritual endurance?  Did God allow this book to become part of scripture to merely make us thankful that as Christians we are not under the law but under grace?  Is there really something in these twenty-seven chapters that could have any value to us today?

I want to present to you several key truths that have emerged through my study of the book of Leviticus that I believe that God is communicating in this book.  For the next few days, we will explore some applications from the law.