Applications from the Law: Reflections from Leviticus (Part 2)

Truth 2: God Is a God Who Demands Holiness

Throughout the book of Leviticus a major theme is the holiness of God.  There are a ton of seemingly random rules and laws that are set before the people and are followed up by the command that is summed up well in the first part of Leviticus 11Open Link in New Window: 44 ESV which says “For I am the Lord your God.  Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy, for I am holy.”  This theme is not just stated in this passage, but it continues to come up over and over throughout the book of Leviticus.  God is calling the people to live a life of holiness that reflects His holiness.  So, what does holiness mean?  Why is it so important that we live holy lives?

The word holy means to be set apart and different.  All of the laws and rules laid out in the book of Leviticus are intended to make the people stand out as different.  All of the laws, from wearing clothes without mixed fibers to going through many steps to keep from becoming unclean, helped the people to be separate and different from the world just like God was different and set apart from man.  The laws made a clear mark on the lives of the people of God that they were God’s people.  So, why did the people need to be set apart?

The people were set apart and different so that the other peoples of the earth would notice them.  The people of God were not intended to be noticed simply to make them seem weird to others, but they were intended to be noticed so that the people could have an opportunity to talk about the great and holy God who had set them apart.

When Jesus calls us to be holy, He is calling us to live in a radical way that causes people to ask about Him.  I my life I have seen my decision not to drink alcohol as an opportunity to live a life that is set apart.  This one decision has opened up so many opportunities for me to talk about the Jesus who I know.  Our take away from Leviticus today is this simple question: How can we be set apart and different to cause people to ask about Jesus Christ?