Applications from the Law: Reflections from Leviticus (Part 3)

Truth 3: God Is a Faithful God Who Rescues

Another phrase that is repeated frequently throughout the book of Leviticus is that God is a God who brought the people out of Egypt.  God continually reminds the people of the rescue from slavery that He had done for them in delivering them from Egypt.  God is a God with a history of faithfulness with His people.  

We have not been rescued from slavery in Egypt, but we have had a rescue of our own from sin and other struggles.  We have a personal history with God and His faithfulness.  So, our take away question from Leviticus today is: Upon reflecting on God’s history of faithfulness to us, how do we live in a way that shows the world that we trust God to be faithful to us?

He does this to keep them from the frequent and easy tendency that each person has to forget God and what He has done.  In light of what God has done for them, His laws that he places before them to obey seem like a small sacrifice compared to the great rescue that God had done for them in delivering them from Egypt.