Book Review: The Relational Word- A Biblical Design to Reclaim and Transform the Next Generation by Josh McDowell and Thomas Williams


The Relational Word by Josh McDowell is a book that raises some questions on our evangelism tactics and our own presentations of God that we share with others.  One of the main points raised in the book is that we must present the gospel as an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  So often, the Bible gets presented as either a rule book of moral philosophy or a guidebook for life.  These are both things that the Bible can be taken as, but when this is done, we miss the point of the Bible as a whole.  It is the story of a loving God in pursuit of an intimate and eternal relationship with a people who constantly run from the very thing that they were designed to enter into.  Josh through this book attempts to bring this perspective on the gospel to light and forms a gospel presentation that focuses on relational intimacy with God.  He continues to go back to the truth of their being a longing built into every human being that can only be filled with intimate relationships.  The most important intimate relationship is with God, but Josh goes on to argue for the need of human intimate relationships in the forms of close friends and family.  This book also presents the idea of living a relational apologetic.  This means that we seek to live of lives relationally with others in a way that shows the acceptance, love, and grace of Jesus Christ.  This is something that is lived through a life directed and fueled by the Holy Spirit to have the heart of God for the hurting people in our world.  This book also contains an appendix with several chapters from Josh’s The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict which are helpful in establishing the reliability of the Bible.  This is a good read that raises good, well-defended points that remind each one of us that the heart of God is not a heart for apologetics, theology, and doctrine but a heart for those hurting and seeking a true, intimate, and eternal Friend.