Applications from the Law: Reflections from Leviticus (Part 4)

Truth 4: God is a God Who Santifies

The theme of sanctification and holiness is very frequent in Leviticus.  From the laws of cleanliness to the laws of what to eat, Leviticus is filled with standards about how to maintain outward holiness.  The interesting part, however, is that there is a phrase that comes up several times in the book that seems to be contradictory to the people trying to following these legal standards.  The phrase is “I am the Lord who sanctifies them.”  This is seen six times in Leviticus 21Open Link in New Window and 22 in relationship to the role of the priest.  If there are all of these rules regarding personal holiness and sanctification, why would God say something like this?

God is the one who is sanctifying the hearts of the priests and people of God.  He is doing an inner work of setting the peoples hearts apart for Him.  The laws and rituals are just an outward reflection of the inner change that has been made.  God is calling them to live in a way that is radically different to reflect the inward radical change that has been made by God in the heart.  So, our take away question from Leviticus today is: Does our lives reflect the change that Jesus Christ has made in our hearts?