Applications from the Law: Reflections from Leviticus (Part 5)

Truth 5: Relationship with Man Is the Driving Force In God’s Relation to Man

Another phrase that comes up frequently in the book of Leviticus is God saying that He is the God who delivered the people from Egypt “to be your God.”  He also consistently refers to Himself as “the Lord your God.”  This is a personal connection that is being communicated between God and man.  The great display of God’s glory and might in delivering the people from Egypt was simply so that the Lord could be their God and they could live in communion with Him.  The driving force behind what God is doing and communicating through the laws is that He desires a relationship to His people.

The laws were not written and intended to be a list of moral rules to be obeyed to earn God’s favor.  The laws were intended so that the people of God could live in a way that was free of sin and distraction from their relationship to God.  The laws focus on freeing the life of the people from clutter so that they could focus on the best thing, which was their relationship with God.  So, our take away question from Leviticus today is: What do I need to clear from my life so that I can live life focused more clearly on my relationship with Jesus Christ?