Brands of Christianity: Introduction

In the marketing and business world, there is a very important item called a brand.  A brand is something that is hard to define, but it is basically what people think about and connect with the name or logo of your business.  It is the initial reaction to your product or company.  This reaction is built off of past experiences with the brand (i.e. your company or product) and includes both the positives and the negatives.  

This week I want to take this concept of a brand and apply it to each one of our lives as Christians.  When people interact with us since they know that we claim to be a Christ-follower, they will begin to define the term or brand of Christian by the way that we live.  I think one of the major issues that we will explore this week is that false brands of Christianity come first and foremost from misplaced and misdirected priorities in the lives of Christians.  This discussion will begin by defining four false priorities that many Christians embrace and will end with a story of someone who fully embraced the gospel.  So this week, lets reflect on our priorities as Christ-followers that help to brand the concept of Christian in the eyes of people around us.