Living in the Half-Way House

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hear Dr. John C. Maxwell speak at a church in town.  He said something that has really stuck with me that I wanted to pass on.  He was sharing at a church that has just opened a brand new campus and will be starting with six Sunday morning services in a few weeks.  He was sharing to encourage and challenge them in this exciting time in their ministry and journey as a church.  He told this story of a group of tourists who went to climb a mountain in Switzerland.  This was not a difficult mountain that could only be tackled by professionals, but it still remained a challenge to the inexperienced climbers.  The group starts out going up the mountain hoping to catch a breath of the summit’s fresh air.  The climb up the mountain would take a day to get up and a day to return back so there is half-way house that is strategically placed half way through the climb.  The half-way house is designed to be a place of rest and refreshment to strengthen the climber on the journey.  The problem that Maxwell pointed out is that so often we get to the half-way house of our lives and get so comfortable with where we are that we stop the journey for the summit altogether.  We are far to often willing to sit in the warmth and security of the house than to step out onto the mountain and finish the journey that we were made for.  Continuing the story, the people who threw in the towel and left the journey for comfort missed the taste of the fresh air, the outstanding view, and living the adventure.  They forfeited an adventure story that could be told for generations to come in order to have a short taste of comfort.  My hope and prayer is that we would not become Christians, who are comfortable in our churches, Bible studies, and worship services, but that we would seek to dive in head first into the adventure of chasing after His desires and going to the summit where we make an impact for God and encounter Him in the process.