Brands of Christianity: Political Christians

Since the presidential election is only a week away, I figured that we would begin with the first misplaced priority that has negatively reflected on the Christian brand in the eyes of many people.  Politics is something that many Christians have taken to become the core priority of their faith.  This is something that happens more unintentionally than they even realize.  There passion and desire for Jesus Christ that was at one time at the core of their faith and what defined them as a Christian seeps slowly into the background as they take up to fight for a government that legislates Christian morals and priorities.  

I am not saying that politics are a bad thing, or that you should not vote for candidates that you think reflect the values and priorities laid out in scripture.  The problem becomes when the American flag takes the place of the cross in our churches and the Battle Hymn of the Republic is played over Amazing Grace.  Our place of triumph, victory, and focus as Christians should be a hill called Calvary where Jesus Christ defeated death, hell, and sin not a battle field where our freedoms were won.  The second is definitely something to be remembered and celebrated but never at the expense of minimizing the cross and the gospel.  

We as Christians are called to be focused on another world.  We are to live as aliens focused on eternity.  When we make our Christianity focused entirely on politics and defending morals in America, we are living in a way that is so focused on now that we do not live a life focused on the temporary mission with eternal consequences called the Great Commission.  Our ability and opportunity to share Jesus with people can be greatly hindered if politics are the heart of our Christianity.  Politics stands between us and the person we are trying to introduce to Jesus as another point of division and debate.  

If your life is totally defined by and wrapped up in what happens next Tuesday, you need to pray for an eternal mindset and that God would open your eyes to see that no matter what happens next Tuesday He still sits on the throne as sovereign over all nations and rulers.  Let us not live in a way that defines our Christianity by our politics that are temporal decisions that can cause major divisions and take away from the gospel.