Book Review: The Great Omission- Fufilling Christ’s Commission Completely by Steve Saint


Steve Saint, the son of missionary martyr, Nate Saint, brings some fresh ideas that can not only be used the field of international missions but in any place of ministry in The Great Omission.  The premise of the book is that we have left a crucial part out of our methods of missions and church planting.  The omission that we have been leaving out is discipleship and empowering others to minister.  Steve proposes the idea that missionaries should be launchers and catalysts that empower and disciple local believers to be the ones who continue in evangelism and ministry.  A missionary should go to a people group or a place that has never heard the Good News of the grace of  Jesus Christ and share that Good News and then empower the new believers to communicate that message to others.  The missionary should not stay permanently in that place in order to run and facilitate that church, but they should move on to another people group and start the process over again.  Steve’s book builds an outline of what this idea looks like by sharing about what God has done in this area with the Waodani tribe in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  I think that Steve is onto something that we not only fail to do in international missions but also in America.  The church as a whole fails to disciple and empower believers to go out and reach others with the Good News.  This book does an excellent job of raising questions about the great omission not only in international missions but in the American church.