Opportunity for Bloggers Who Love to Read

Are you a blogger?  Do you love to read and review books on your website?  If so, this is an awesome opportunity for you!  I recently found a website online through the Christian publishing company, Thomas Nelson, where bloggers can get free books to read and review online.  The program is called Thomas Nelson: Book Review Bloggers. I have just joined the program and look forward to the free books and opportunity to give input.  

The program gives you an initial free book which you are supposed to read entirely and then post a review on your blog and on a bookseller site like Amazon covering the entire book.  Thankfully, these reviews can be positive or negative.  In exchange for a 200 word review, you get a free book and a link from Thomas Nelson’s website to your blog and review.  

My first book, Kingdom of the Occult by Walter Martin, is on the way.  Stay tuned for this and more book reviews to come.