Politics and the Sovereignty of God: Thoughts on Election Day

Taking the idea of the sovereignty of God to politics. God will reign on the throne tonight as Lord no matter who is the next president. I am a Christ-follower before I am an American.  My confidence in the future is not based on a future here and now. When trials and troubles come, they remind us that eternity is what matters. Our home, if we believe in Jesus, is not here on American soil but in heaven with Jesus Christ. My confidence is not in a government, political party, system of economics, or a president. My confidence and future are founded on the sovereignty of Almighty God and the substitutionary death and atonement bought for me by Jesus’ blood shed on the cross. That is why in the midst of the economic crisis, political debates, and uncertainty of the future of America, I will sleep well tonight knowing that nothing is beyond the sovereign will and design of Almighty God!